Wearable computers? How close are we to the reality of sci-fi?

These images, from the last 30 years of movie making, show the visions that certain film directors have had of the future. Whether it is Tom Cruise’s touchscreen gloves from Minority Report or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s informative sunglasses from The Terminator, one of the things that fascinates us is being able to directly absorb electronic information to our person, either through our eyes or feelings.

Of course, films like The Terminator also act as a warning to allowing computers and technology to become too integrated with humanity and too powerful (in that film, ‘Skynet’ – a network of computers – takes over control of the world in the future). However, so far that hasn’t stopped scientists and companies like Apple and Google from trying to develop more and more ways of integrating ourselves with technology.

If internet rumours are to be believed we are not far away from the ‘iWatch’, which will incorporate a flexible screen running off the same system as iPhones and iPads. Some ideas of how it might look can be seen in the gallery above.

Moving on to Google and the future is even more amazing, with the first editions of ‘Google Glass‘ now available. These are glasses which give you information on the world around you, give you live directions, allow you to photograph or video what you are looking at and then share it on social media. Only a few of these are out there as their development continues, but this is probably the most tangible of the ‘wearable computers’. As for what’s next, as is so often the case, we are simply held back only by our imaginations.


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